« Bonita Open Solution combines three solutions in one : an innovative Studio for process modeling, a powerful BPM and workflow engine, and a breakthrough user interface. »



This solution allows you to build applications in a very short time and for an optimum cost.


These applications can be easily connected to your whole system : Bonita BPM has indeed a large library of standard connectors (SALESFORCE, SAP, JASPER, TALEND, TWITTER, CHATTER, GOOGLE, messaging, ALFRESCO, SHAREPOINT, most types of databases ... ).


Bonitasoft can run with a Service Oriented Architecture (for example TALEND) that allows the industrialization of all internal, B2B or B2C exchanges.




AMIGOLOG is integrator and partner of BONITASOFT, publisher of a BPM open source, and market leader.

AMIGOLOG has developed an implementation of Bonita BPM on the cloud for clients who may often not have the time, expertise or budget to implement a dedicated in-house Bonita BPM Server.

Bonitasoft says : "A cloud option for implementing process applications with Amigolog can be secure and flexible, as well as very cost-effective." More...


 Extended CRM

AMIGOLOG also offers you a Cloud solution of configurable Bonita BPM processes integrated with your CRM tool including Salesforce (CRM processes extended to the whole company : contract,  customer requests, inbound calls management...) .



 image service


Our consulting offer in Bonita BPM :


  • Starting  with Bonita BPM, with the package "Start with Bonita BPM"
  • Identification of business processes,
  • Process Definition and modeling,
  • Processes integration and implementation of connectors,
  • Process optimization (definition of KPIs, dashboards),